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TOPIC atoz
cockles 2
20 mug g-1 shellfish flesh 1
New Zealand cockles 1
Rapid test kits MIST AlertTM for the detection of paralytic shellfish poisoning PSP and amnesic shellfish poisoning ASP toxins in shellfish have recently been developed. In this study 1
Schoolmaster 1
a merry mouse lived in a mill 1
among samples in which HPLC did not detect toxin 1
arson 1
as determined by high-performance liquid chromatography HPLC. In addition 1
atmospheric railway 1
audiobooks 1
clearly demonstrating its potential application in shellfish harvest management and end product testing. MIST Alert for ASP also detected toxin in all monitoring samples containing the regulatory limit for amnesic shellfish poisoning ASP toxins 1
daffodils 1
fire 1
kitty alone 1
librivox 1
oysters 1
razor fish while routine methods of detection were simultaneously used to quantify any toxin present. All shellfish extracts found to contain PSP toxins at the regulatory limit of 80 mug saxitoxin equivalents STX eq 100 g-1 shellfish flesh using the 1
romance 1
scallops 1
the kit agreed in 99 of tests. Overall 1
there was a frog lived in a well 1
these kits have been evaluated for their potential use in shellfish toxin-monitoring programs and by the shellfish industry. These antibody-based tests were used to assess the presence of shellfish toxins qualitatively in a variety of shellfish species m 1
these results suggest that MIST AlertTM for PSP and ASP could be used as part of routine monitoring programs. 1
winkles 1
with all positive samples being correctly identified 1
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